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Missing Persons & Human Trafficking

Missing Persons

The thought of a family member, a close friend, or a work associate vanishing is a chilling one. Unfortunately, thousands of people experience the reality of this yearly. Because of ignorance, indifference or poor training, police fumble missing-person reports and do not give these cases the attention they deserve. If you are affected by a missing person, Gillespie Forensics and Investigations can provide hope.

Who We Are:

Gillespie Forensics and Investigations has a team of licensed professional investigators who specialize in locating the missing. We are committed to providing skilled and organized search efforts for missing persons. 

What We Do:

We provide assistance to law enforcement and families in finding the missing while educating the community on the issues related to the missing and exploited and to aid and prevent victimization.

Why We Do It:

There are many reasons why we offer our services to assist in finding the missing and the biggest one is peace of mind for the family. When a loved one is missing there is always fear that they are possibly endangered and sometimes deceased. According to The United States Department of Justice over 2,100 people go missing every day equaling approximately 800,000 reported missing every year. According to the The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, within 48 hours of hitting the streets, one-third of these children are lured or recruited into the underground world of prostitution and pornography (human trafficking). We consider the missing to be endangered and do not label any missing as a runaway. Keep in mind that those who may have walked away on their own accord may be in as much danger as those abducted. GSI has a team of dedicated investigators and volunteers across the US to help locate and recover your missing loved one.

Missing Veterans

Gillespie Forensics and Investigations knows the importance of finding missing veterans and is experienced in the challenges that arise when searching for a battle in distress (BID). We understand the urgency of finding missing veterans and their potential need for special attention due to PTSD and related depression and mental health concerns.

For more information you may be interested in the following sites:

  • Texas Department of Public Safety, Missing Persons Clearinghouse
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations
  • National Center for Missing and Exploited Children:
  • President’s DNA Initiative: Using DNA to Identify Missing Persons: Research and Development,
  • National Center for Missing Adults

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